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Greg “Watto” Watson

Canine Trainer and Carer

A friendly, engaging and passionate doggo lover helping owners understand and communicate with their furry companions.

You may know me! A Canmore local for over 5 years, I am a trusted Red Seal plumber & gasfitter working in the Bow Valley. We may have met already through my plumbing work, or at a dog park around town. Recently I have been caring for many dogs in the Bow Valley.

Why did I become a dog trainer? My desire to help people and their doggos happily pulled me into the dog training world. My love of dogs and outgoing personality has allowed me to talk to many of the dog owners in the Bow Valley. I realized that many owners have the same issues with their dogs, but need a little help to fix them.

Happy doggos are my passion! I believe in the importance of strengthening the relationship and understanding between dog and owner, and incorporate this into my training sessions. I help owners get more in tune with their doggo's wants and needs by communicating in a way the doggo understands.

Shaping a dog's behaviour is a constant journey that has to be powered by positive emotions and clear communication. I always use science-based, force-free, positive reinforcement methods that encourage and reward good behaviour while ignoring bad behaviour.

My specializations are loose leash walking and eliminating reactive behaviour. I am continuously educating myself on dog training, dog care and their body language and behavioural issues. I would be happy to assist you and your doggo in any way I can, while catering to each dog’s specific needs and your needs as owner.

A dog that is engaged never misbehaves!


30-60 min – FREE!

Required for new (or just curious) doggos!


30 minutes and up – Standard Rate CA$60/hour

Families welcome! Work on the behaviour of your choice.


30 minutes and up – Standard Rate CA$60/hour

Positive reinforcement training technique program.


7:00pm-8:00am – Standard Rate CA$80/night

Group or private boarding available.


8:00am-6:00pm – Standard Rate CA$75/day

Half day or full day of fun and activities!


60 minutes – Standard Rate CA$35

Group or private, 30 or 60 minutes.


Add-ons – Ask for price

Pick up, drop off, private care, drop-in visits.

How I care for your doggo

My mission is to create a positive, trusting, reassuring and lasting memory for every dog, in an environment they will want to return to again and again.

My home has a fenced yard big enough for dogs to play and learn in a controlled environment—with an agility course, lots of lawn and an abundance of toys. My house is located only a short walk from a large, fenced dog park. From the dog park, it's another short walk to an extensive forested area with many kilometres of on-leash walking trails.

I currently have “Miss Freya” living with me—a delightfully affectionate female pointer cross—and she loves to have company at home, on walks and at the dog park.

I am very friendly, energetic, positive, kind and have a great affinity for connecting with doggos and people. I am confident your doggo will love my company and respond quickly to my engaging personality. In my care, your dog has access to any type of activity and environment that he/she may need.


- Certified in Canine First Aid and CPR.

- Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).

- Registered volunteer dog walker with the Bow Valley SPCA (BVSPCA) in Canmore.

- Currently studying the work of Dr Ian Dunbar, a recognized expert in dog behaviour shaping using lure-reward techniques.


Mountain Mobile Veterinary Care provides a mobile veterinary service in Canmore. Dr Nathan Bernadet has converted an ambulance into a mobile full-service veterinary clinic, where diagnostic X-rays, bloodwork, and ultrasound can all be performed with the results readily available. Covid-19 protocols are easily observable in an environment that is low-stress for your pet.

In emergencies, MMVC can also be available for services such as pet transport to the vet hospitals in Calgary, and for road-side pickups if your pet is injured away from home.

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